Fungicide for Roses?

silver_wlf(6 Ontario)June 27, 2006


I've been hanging out in the Roses forum lately - but the population seems to be more US than Canadian. They've been talking about Bayer Advanced products that aren't available in Canada - nor can they be imported.

I was wondering what I could use on my roses for Black Spot that I can purchase here.

I'm currently using the Green Earth Fungicide. Is this the main product used for this type of problem? Can I spray more often than every 7-10 days? I've been spraying for just over 2 weeks but I don't see much improvement.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks so much!!


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Hi Stef, If you haven't seen improvement with the product you are using, it's time to go to the garden centre for advise. I cannot give you any suggestions for a product (because I don't use fungicides) but most garden centres carry chemicals that are useful. When you water your roses are you watering the leaves as well? Because that actually causes mildew and fungus to grow. Water the roots only. Another tip is to remove the leaves with the black spot to lessen the contamination.


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