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frabee(5)June 11, 2007

Hi; Is it true that potatoes can be grown in a container? I would like to try my hand at planting vegetables in containers.Could someone please tell me how to go about it? Thanks.

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wildie(z3 Alberta)

I had a friend who used to container garden all her veggies as she had sever arthritis and couldn't kneel. She used a big deap kids swimming pool to plant her potatoes in. It was placed on an old picnic table... And I know another friend who whould use old tires to mound up, and would only add enough soil as needed.

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Yes you can. I think seeds for diversity has the exact procedures online. It however goes this way. Use a deep container for this exercise. Plant the container in full sun. Add a small amount of earth and plant your seed potato. As it grows upward, add more earth and continue with this process until the plant reaches the top of the containter. From that one plant you will be able to harvest a good number of potatoes. Near autumn the potatoes should start yellowing up and you should have good sized potatoes as a result of your endeavours.


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Thanks Wildie and Ianna, I appreciate your advice and am going to start my container potatoes today :) I'll keep you posted on their progress, and you keep your fingers crossed for me, ok? ;) Frabee.

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Hi-- Well, it's been eleven days since I first planted my container potatoes, and they're all taking root. I sure wish I'd known about this years ago; when I think of all the old potatoes with eyes that I threw out! Oh, well, better late than never,right? Anyway, I'll keep you posted if you like. Happy Canada Day on the first to all my fellow Canadian posties!! :)

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