is it a dud?

tonks(8 GA)April 28, 2005

i purchased 4 dwarf cannas. 2 each of 2 varieties. they came dormant. i planted them all in the same big pot like the four points of a cross. 2 have awakened and are growing. 2 are not. i can tell that the two that have grown are of the same variety because they are parallel to each other and that's how i planted them. do you suppose that the other variety might have a later cycle? or do you think they're duds?

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cannafreak(z7 NY)

My 1st question to you is what size pot did you use? The reason I ask is even dwarf Cannas need alot of room to grow. What I would do if it were me I would very carefully dig them up take the 2 that have not sprouted yet plant them in a seperate pot and wait. Some Canna's sprout later than others. Until they sprout go easy on the water so they do not rot. HTH, Tara

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tonks(8 GA)

there is heavy debate about the size of the pot. it's somewhere between 5 and 10 gallons. i'll try putting them in a seperate pot if that's going to help but i really wanted them in the same pot. should i just go get a larger one?

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cannafreak(z7 NY)

You could go to a larger one but, I would leave the 2 that have sprouted in the one you have now and put the other 2 in the new pot. Just make sure when you dig up do it gently.

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