how long?

soycandle(IN 5)April 14, 2006

How long does it take a canna to sprout in pots in greenhouse...I'm waiting patiently, but nothin's happenin'!



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They like it hot. So if temps are steadily around 50 or higher, day and night, they should start sprouting, but they really grow when it gets a bit hotter. They like it hot.

Did you check the rhizomes to make sure they haven't turned to mush?

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soycandle(IN 5)

Guess what? One is sprouting! The rhizomes were all in great shape (although very ugly! hee,hee). I bought from Horn Canna Farm and even got a bunch of extras.

Thanks butterflychaser.


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So why do you pot them up? Can't you just wait until it's warm enough outside and plant them directly in the ground. Are you potting them to get a head start? Do they bloom sooner if you start them in pots inside?

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