Growing Canna from seeds

SHAWNPApril 25, 2011

I received some canna seeds from a friend, and I was wondering if there was any thing I needed to do to the seeds before planting? She gave me some Levant Cotton seeds and I had to file the seeds and soak them for 24 hours before planting so I was wondering if I would have to do the same with the canna seeds....

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I used pet nail clippers for my seeds. Make sure to file/clip the opposite side of the scar on the seeds(that is where you will see a white root poking out after soaking). I then soaked them for 48 hours changing the water occasionally with warm water. I used a seed growing kit with a seed starting mix. Keep them moist at all times. I placed the seeds under a T5 plant growing light. They germinated within 3 days, and it is now day 14 and the seedlings are 6 inches tall growing their 3rd leaves. They take off very fast. Once you see the roots sticking out of the bottom, transplant them into a 4" or 6" pots, I transplanted mine into plastic drinking cups, once they grow out of those, they will be planted outside.

If you want to purchase any more seeds, get them from Karchesky Canna online, 15 out of 16 seeds i got from Alice germinated, now that is a pretty good germination rate. I also purchased rhizomes from her and they are growing very tall and vigorous.

Good luck to you

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