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plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)April 17, 2012

I was all set to place an order from Horn Canna Farm when I started reading about the canna virus. Now, I don't know. I don't want to buy cannas only to discard them and I'm not sure I would correctly identify infected plants. I'm not asking you to tell me what to do, but I'd really like to hear thoughts and opinions from folks more knowledgeable and experienced with cannas than I am. Would you buy cannas under present circumstances?


Barbara in Virginia

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I am not sure I would call myself knowledgeable, but I can tell you my experience. A few years ago I bought some potted and blooming canna from a very reputable and high priced nursery in my area, they did have a virus later on in the summer. I threw them away. Then last year I bought a bag of clearance canna bulbs at Meijer. I planted them, and they were beautiful. The whole bag of 10 bulbs was $5.00. Oddly, we had such a mild winter, they are coming up in my garden this year. Normally they would turn to mush if they weren't dug up in the fall. So, all I can say is, go for it.

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plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)

Thanks for the response, lindaw ... I am tempted to "go for it" as you suggest ... was reading yesterday that the canna virus has been with us since the 1800s and that many folks have enjoyed their infected cannas unaware for all these years/decades/centuries ... makes me wonder what is hype and what should be feared or avoided ... I had a healthy stand of 'President' and for two years, they performed beautifully ... I left them in the ground and mulched heavily ... last year, I wasn't able to mulch and lost them all ... I really want cannas again ... they have no replacement ...

Barbara in Virginia

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