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Enrique14June 17, 2014

Hey Internet Folks,

So I've built a wicking bed and am noticing that on the far end the plants are tiny and pale. I believe this to be due to the lack of pipes carrying water up (on that end). Do the plants on the right of the image look like they are suffering from too little water?

The box has a fill pipe (hidden by the healthy plants) on the left and a drain on the right to prevent overflow (hidden from view).

All the best
- Enrique

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sharont(z5 can)

Looks like it. And perhaps there is too much sun on the left side as well. Perhaps a rearrangement in a deeper container would provide for everything.

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or mineral defeciencies. IIf it's short in sunlight i would expect the plants to be more leggy as they try to reach out for where there is more sun. This shows stunted plants with light green coloured foliage. Over watering can leached out essential nutrients so is this perhaps a circulation issue? Maybe the reservoir water should contain good minerals like the mix used for hydrophonics growing systems...

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