Sprouts... how long does it take?

solsort1_dk(z7 Denmark)April 4, 2005


I potted up quite a few cannas on March 16. They are in a huge southfacing window and kept at min 68 degrees as they are above our radiators.

But they havent sprouted yet. I dug one up today to see how it was. Still dark and firm, and the soil is slightly moist. Ive only watered a few times when they soil seemed very dry.

Do I do something wrong, or do I just need more patience? Should I dig them back up and let them get eyes before I replant them?

I was so proud to have got them through the winter so I would hate to loose them now.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Canna newbie in Denmark,


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steph_oshawa(z5b/6a ON)


I am in the same position! I planted some of my cannas over two weeks ago and most still haven't sprouted. It also my first year overwintering cannas.

I sure hope someone can chime in and let us know that we are just impatient!


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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I find the time it takes for the rhizomes/roots to sprout can vary from as little as a week to approximately 5 weeks.

It may be because my basementÂs too warm, but most years when I take my canna roots out of storage they are already sprouting, or showing signs of sprouting. In this circumstance when I plant them, they usually sprout within a week (send a shoot out of the soil).

If, however, the root doesnÂt show signs of sprouting, it can take longer. Once I bought a root from the nursery. While the root was healthy and firm, it had not yet developed any Âeyes on it. When I planted this one it took about 4 or 5 weeks to finally sprout.


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I find my canna"s sprout new shoots when they are in the direct sunlight, they love lots of sun & water, here in Australia I don"t have a problem with my canna"s as they are always growing new shoots & multiplying, so try putting them out in the direct sunlight,& give them heaps of water, best of luck to you,

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I think that HEAT is the necessary item. Here in zone 5, it can take quite a while to see them poke their heads up. I count on several weeks. Like Birdwoman suggests, I take mine out to the driveway in the sun, and bring them back in to the garage at night. Be careful of too much water though, as they can rot. Also don't plant too deep.

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eclpsprinc(Z9 CA)


I have planted about 10 different varieties of Canna this year (first timer). My first plantings were two 'Black Knight' Cannas. One was planted in large clay pottery, the second one in a large plastic black container. Both planted the same way and receive the same care. The one in the clay pot is only about 5 inches tall, the one planted in the black plastic pot is around 2 feet so far. Just goes to show that the container makes a difference, as well. All of my other varieties have been planted in plastic. The plastic heats up much faster during the day than the clay.


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solsort1_dk(z7 Denmark)

Thanks a lot everyone.

I dont think the heat/sun is the issue with mine as they are in huge southfacing windows just above a radiator which is still on.
But I havent watered them much as I was afraid to rot them... so I gave them a good soak the other day.

Still nothing showing though... how about yours, steph_oshawa, are they up yet?

Take care,
Hanne in Denmark

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Hey im a first timer also..
i planted 6 seeds in my backyard yesterday, behind a tree and some bushes. I make sure their moist everyday but not to much water. But the tree is blocking the sunlight, but i have no other place to plant them, but its about 107-110 degree's where i live, and it gets down to about 75 degree's at night, or around 80. Anyways, i also have a small glass pot, that is about 64 Oz. big... and its out in direct sunlight, with 3 seeds evenly placed in it, but thats because these are kinda old seeds iv had and i doubt all three will grow, in which i would have to plant them in a bigger pot. But im expirementing with this, so in about 3-4 days, maybe 5, ill tell you guys the results, to possibly help you out maybe.

If there is anyone who reads this and can maybe give me a few pointers, please post something.

thnx - Bobby

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aquarius1974(z8 SC)

Bobby, they are not going to grow much at all without some sun. In my experience, they might grow a foot tall but they won't bloom without sun.

If you have no sun in the garden and can't dig up the things blocking the sun, then some big pots placed in the sun are your option.

They thrive in really rich soil, so lots of rotted leaves, manure,and moisture. I feed mine with epsom salt too and it really makes them bloom.

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