Wind and rain and more wind!!!

mora(6)June 15, 2006

My lupins and some irises are toast, that was only a quick glance, tomorrow morning will tell the whole tale....sigh! M

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I've been listening to CBC Halifax while at work (the internet is a great thing!), the weather was sounding pretty nasty out your way with downed trees and water on the roads. Hope your garden bounces back!

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How are things this morning Mora? Hope there wasn't too much damage.

Looking at thing from the house, my Lupines made it but they look like they need a crutch. I won't be checking things out 'til late today as I have to go into the city for errands and a job interview. Lots of leaves off the birches though. That wind ripped them right off and they are everywhere!!!

The south side of the property is no longer a lawn but a lake and we had water seeping through the basement floor around suppertime last night. But all is well now.

We have SUN!!!! Did you see it??? Did you??? LOL!!

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Hi Tiffy and Garden Chicken, things are not looking too bad now. I bought a bunch of dollar store mini fences and propped everything up that wasn't broken.
Hope the job interview went well Tiffy! M

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