moving plants from another place

sharminhayatJune 22, 2010

Can I move few plats from one place to another place now? I have two sharon of rose and two hostas which are taking more space than I thought so i need to move those plants from there.Any suggestion please....

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I move plants all the time. I'm almost always wanting to change the site of one plant and so I would move them many times over.

With the hostas - it's probably going to be a good time to make divisions as well as transplanting. Water them well before digging them out of the garden. use a shovel and dig them out completely. Take a serated knife and start dividing the plants into smaller plants. Replant and water well. no fertilizing.

With regards to the rose of sharon, it all depends on how long the shrubs were in the ground. The longer and larger the shrub is, the harder to transplant them without damage. Water well and dig a large root ball. Make sure you have dug up the new hole before you even dig out the shrub. You want to dig out the shrub and immediately tranplant it. However, as I said, the risk is higher when the plant has been in the ground longer. (like many years). So my advise is to wait till fall when the plant goes dormant before digging it out of the hole and transplant right away.

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