Adenia fruiticisa

caudex1May 19, 2012

Pot is a little too small, should be 2-3in wider but the depth is good

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Glancing quickly at the photo, the Adenia looks like it was potted into a go-cart/lawn-mower tire, then I realized it was the texture of the pot, and not a tire at all. : )

You always show such nicely presented plants.


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TT, zone 5b MA

Keith -

That looks like an old plant...lots of character. Have you had it for a while?


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That soupcon of a sequoia is sizzlin'.

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Got it a couple of years ago. It was badly desiccated and most of the soil had washed out of the pot. Purchased it cheap as it was near death, but was sure I could bring it back to life. When I got it it home I removed all the dead root and restablished it. Only to prune the roots again to fit in this pot.

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