Callistemon pruning

gobluedjmApril 26, 2010

Anybody have any experience with pruning them?

I have one and previous owner planted on a slope so some branches are almost to the ground. It seems to be a little thin compared to others I have seen. It wasn't staked when it should have been IMO.

I am concerned about pruning because of what the Western Garden book says...may not grow back.

It is flowering now and I know to wait after that. I should have done it 2 months ago. Will pruning it force more dense growth? What do you guys/gals think?


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My mother in law had one which had grown up through her arbor by about two feet. After her death I pruned the bottle brush way down to replace the damage to the arbor. The plant became fuller and much better behaved. We have one here that was planted about 30 years before the killing frost of 1990 that killed it to the ground. It took two years to reappear but quickly grew back to its former size. I have not noticed anything delicate about Callistemon. Al

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I try to train mine to be thin and weeping. I love that.
Is it the shrubby variety or the weepy variety? There's a shrubby variety on our chain link fence that the neighbor's gardener shears like a hedge, and it grows very thick.

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Its the weeping variety. I have a Little John also and it is very dense.
I can't even get close to it today cuz the orioles are around. :)

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The Little John is a great selection and fits most gardens a lot better. Too many nurseries do not offer it. Al

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