Help? What Canna is This?? I can't plant until I know - w/ Pics

amalgamationApril 23, 2007


This is my first time on the Canna forum. Usually I'm in the Arizona or Xeriscape forums...But I'm hoping someone here can help?

On a lark I bought these Cannas thinking there were only a few types and that I could figure out which type these are. Boy, do I know better now!

These are perfect for my color scheme, but I'm worried about how tall they might get and won't plant them until I'm sure about the height, so I can figure out how much space they need.

After looking at several sites devoted to Cannas, I still can't decide which genus these might be... And there is a *big* difference when it comes to size among the entire orange-flower-with-purplish-leaf varieties.

Can you help?

If you click on the photo, it should take you to my Flickr site where you can choose to see the photos even larger.

Thanks *so much* for any help, it will be greatly appreciated!

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possibly 'Intrigue'

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Thank you Zitro Joe!

After looking at over 1K photos online, Intrigue seemed to be the one which most resembled mine.

But then too, it resembles Pewter Moon and Pacific Beauty Pacific Beauty - photo 1
Pacific Beauty photo 2

But from what I understand they all need about the same amount of sun, water, etc.

Thanks again :)

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I don't think it is a Pewter Moon. I believe that canna is a recent introduction in to the canna community by Alice Harris (co-runs

Pacific beauty is a good guess as well. How tall is your canna? My intrigue looks exactly like the pictures you posted.

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I have quite a bit of this canna; it's red stripe.

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)


It's defintely Intrigue. The key is the flower color and the UPRIGHT long leaves. I have grown it for years. As soon as I saw your photos I knew.

A very nice canna.

Boca Joe

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Thanks everyone :)

I really do think it's an Intrigue since there's been more blooms.

Zitro Joe - It's only about 4' now, but seems to be growing fast...

Thanks again for all of your help :)

Happy Gardening!

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stephanotis_1(8b AZ)

Very helpful! I have the exact same canna and was wondering what it was. Thanks!

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Patty zone 5

Thanks to your pictures, amalgamation, I was on the lookout for Intrique and much to my surprise picked up a nice large gallon pot with three stalks on for clearout for $3.00. The plant was in amazing shape. It is now planted in my garden and I'm watering alot. Hopefully I'll see blooms soon and they'll be exactly like your pics.

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