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asleep_in_the_gardenMay 14, 2013

Some assistance with what I now know to be a euphorbia...

Here is a link that might be useful: link to the thread

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

The plant in the link is a Euphorbia leuconeurea seedling. The leaves are wilted because: A) Needs water as this Madagascar Euphorbia will tolerate more water than most of its genus or B) Root rot.

Seedlings will have the white lines on the leaves, hence the name. As the plant matures it will lose the lines. The older seedling on the right in the picture is just beginning to produce leaves without the lines

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

It would be nice if someone who knows how to move threads could move the link mentioned above to this forum so others might enjoy the conversation... Just a thought. I would do it if I knew how.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Good answer with photo example to back it up! Nicely done, Howard! I don't think I've ever seen them (the powers that be) move a thread on these forums.

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Not to rudely interrupt your info Howard only to change the subject
Rose: Why it cant happen is both the browser abilities and the computer language that can be understood from GW to yours. We are all allowed to use HTML code directly to threads. What is being asked for is a more complex JAVA scripting. Not easily explained is the JAVA lines you'd tire from if typed out is not allowed from any GW member directly to a posting.
Reason do you really want JOE Q PUBLIC give a GW member a JAVA computer virus just because the GW member thought they where clicking a line of code to another link that they will never get to see ?

Two ways around this are:

If you right mouse button hold and drag to highlight the line above and right mouse click the highlight then scroll down to the line reading Open Link in a new tab and left click that you have both pages on two browser pages and have to click from one tab to the other tab found directly under File book marks Ect. to the one you want to be on.

The second is the HTML CODE that llows any GW member to place a link directly to page of interest.

Link text with no spacing.

In blue that would look like this:But If this line is clicked you then have to use page back OR one click of left mouse side button to get back to this link

Thanks Howard back to the subject of Euphorbia ?

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

No problem Wes. Good explanation, Thx

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