Pink Sunburst problems

cajunmama(z9LA)April 21, 2006

Question - I have received on two different occasions Pink Sunburst canna. Last year it died a quick death. This year the replacement has one leaf and it looks sunburned where none of my others, 25 or so different ones, look bad - in fact all are super with the same exposures and treatment more or less. Does this one like shade? I am in zone 9 but it is just starting to get warm. Any thoughts on those growing this canna would be greatly appreciated.


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I had two die last year before they even started. Many others have had the same problem and have given up trying to grow that particular canna.

Pink Sunburst should be able to handle the sunlight, it originates from S. Africa, supposedly the varigation in the leaves is a reaction to the UV light.

Intresting enough Tropicanna has it roots from S.Africa as well, another canna with interesting varigation.


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Thanks for sharing your experience with this one zitro joe. Interesting - I have tropicanna in several spots and no problems whatsoever. Sull sun - part shade - water - no water...

We'll see what happens with this one as the season progresses.

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I live in Hawaii where we get a lot of sun -- strong sun. I originally got Pink Sunburst from Karchesky Harris Cannas, and it has been growing very well in full sun here in Hawaii. It started slowly, but has really spread out and flowered nicely, so I don't think full sun has a detrimental affect on it. Here are pics of my Pink Sunburst taken on it's very first blooming cycle. Since then, it has bloomed a few more times and multiplied nicely. Mimi

Here is a link that might be useful: PICS OF PINK SUNBURST

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I'm not familiar with it, but another post talked about a canna virus.

It could be the amount of sun..........DS lives in Miss. and has found her Tropicanna and Sunburst does better in partial shade. Hers are in containers, on concrete near a that's possibly a factor.
A few years ago I had Sunburst in Calif. and it would also show burning on the leaves if left in full sun..........especially if I missed a day of watering!

Here is a link that might be useful: virus

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dilbert(z5 IL)

The cultural requirements for Pink Sunburst are not particularly different from that of most cannas. Maybe, the rhizomes are slightly more difficult to overwinter. I almost lost mine the first year, but I haven't had any problems for about 5 years.

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Wow, littleme, your pink sunburst is stunning. I've got a baby coming along. It's growing steadily, if somewhat slowly. I had it in mostly filtered light but today I moved it a bit more into the open sun.

Joe, I'm having the same problem with my expresso festival. Besides it's tiny size, it has maybe 3 fine roots and a one inch sprout...and that's it for I don't know how long. It's going to be extremely iffy whether or not it makes it. Sunburst and Festival went into almost identical conditions, when I lifted the sunburst today it had about 30 fine roots!

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Thanks for all the thoughts and input. Pink Sunburst is officially gone - again. Oh well. All the others are gorgeous, blooming and healthy. Yeah!

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