weather warning for san jose gardeners

crnagora95(9)April 6, 2011

I heard that there are supposed to be showers, wind and freezing cold weather tomorrow. If so (and I hope I was misinformed), cover all your tomatoes and peppers. I knew I shouldn't have put them in this early. I covered them with upside down gallon pots and put bricks and rocks on top to keep them steady. Then I piled old leaves and grass clippings around them and covered them with black plastic. Does anyone else have tips? Has anyone else put in their tomatoes?

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I have tomatoes and peppers in near Sacramento. I have been covering the peppers and sometimes tomatoes for any colder nights for the last couple weeks. Spring is just staying right around the corner!

I use frost cloth over Christmas lights and gain 10 to 20 degrees depending on how well I get the edges sealed. Use cheap bamboo stakes to keep the cloth off young plants.

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