greenmythumb(5b il)April 8, 2006

would it be possible for canna to survive in my area?

usually anything not viable in my area, i just leave and let it decompose over winter. i don't have room for overwinter storage anyway... so, come spring time i just use my judgement to clean things out as i go along.

as i was going through an area i had canna in last yr, i found some that looked like they might have made it over winter... not shriveld or mushy... maybe i need to get some fresh canna to remember how they look...

this winter was predominantly mild except for a few cold snaps not lasting more than a week... the canna were within 15 ft from my home and there's a fence that caught leaf debris that could have hleped insulate it.

anyone have any thoughts on this? thanks in advance :)

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Generally cannas are only hardy to zone 7 but may survive a very mild winter in zone 6--maybe, if it's been a dry winter as well. But most folks in zone 6 or lower must dig for winter. Maybe you got lucky. Time will tell.

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Lemon_Poppy(z5/6 OH)

I have had cannas planted alongside my house for about 6-7 yrs. now. I do not dig them up in the fall and I don't do anything special to them to overwinter them. Toss some mulch on top and that's it. They return every year and have multiplide. I don't know how I've gotten so lucky, but maybe you have too!

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Lemon_Poppy(z5/6 OH)

I was walking about the yard yesterday picking up sticks and looking to see what was happening with my plants when I did notice that there are a half dozen little shoots peeping their heads out where the cannas grow. So they definitely survived another year here.

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greenmythumb(5b il)

wow, cool maybe i will leave them alone for a bit and see what happens... thanks! if they do spring up i'll definantly repost about it. :D

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I left some "Robert Kemp" in the ground last fall. I got tried of digging! I was checking the garden today, and I noticed one small shoot! It has been a pretty mild winter in NE Ohio this year. I would not expect them to over winter here often, but if the conditions are right, it's possible!

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OK, I'm in zone 7 and we had a pretty mild winter, but so far I've seen nothing. I do have a pretty heavy layer of mulch on, though.

I'm hoping mine come back, I never knew they were hardy in my area before.

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