Plantings with Sweet Pea "petite butterflies"?

vp_78April 5, 2014

I have a long, narrow bed running up to my front door, next to a light-colored stucco garage wall, and I'm looking for solutions. Someone mentioned a Sweet Pea Bush 'Petite Butterfly' (Poligala fruticosa) for the space, and it might work. The space is only about 42" wide, giving me about 3 feet of space, and it gets part sun/sun (southwestern facing wall).

Anyone have any thoughts as to what would compliment it? I'm thinking maybe some yellow or orange coreopsis, or maybe lavender? Dusty miller? Cordyline "electric Pink"? Or maybe the cordyline will grow too wide? Ah, so confused!!!

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I love my sweetpea bush. It will fill up the space by next year. In the mean time why not just plant some white bacopa. Two or three bacopas will soon cover the ground around it. I like lobelia too mixed with bacopa. Alysum smells a lot better than bacopa though. It would also be a good opportunity to place a couple of nice rocks that you like the shape of, or that mean something to you.

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