when to put Cannas outside

michelelcApril 21, 2010

I purchased 2 canna plants last year and planted them in large pots on my deck. At the end of the season, I let the frost kill off the growth, and cut them back to soil level. I stored them in the pots in the basement. Several weeks ago my basement was flooded during a week of heavy rain. The cannas soaked up a lot of water in their pots. Soon after, they both began to sprout leaves. Each now have several leaves. Should I leave them in the basement? Should I start watering them? When should I put them outside in the pots? Any advice is much appreciated.

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I am by no means a Canna expert (picked up my first rhizomes a couple months ago), but I've already put my potted Canna's outside - with the caveat that I will bring 'em in if the forecasted night-time temps seem like they might be a bit too cold. I figured that since the soil in the pots warms up faster than the ground that they should be fine.

Now the rhizomes that I plan on planting in the ground are still in storage, waiting for the last frost to pass before being put out.

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