Cannas bolting in storage

bwright(6)April 12, 2009

I have about 20 bags of cannas (6 to 8 rhisomes/bag) stored in our basement and I have to admit I didn't check on them for the last couple of weeks. The basement is cool about 60 degrees and upon recent inspection some of them have over 8" of growth. What can I do, I generally don't put them out until the beginning of May. Should I let them go the next couple of weeks and plant them with the growth up above the soil or can I cut it off and hope they keep growing?

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I would recommend cutting back the growth that is more than 4 to 6 inches long. If you do not do this, those longest sprouts will begin to develop leaves and put added demand for stored nutrients and moisture from the rhizome. You can choose to leave the very short sprouts and either cut them back "slightly" before planting if necessary. Please do not plant the rhizome very deep. The planting depth should never exceed two to four inches. Do not cut close to the rhizome. You may even notice a slight swelling at the base of the sprout. Do not cut this swelling area; this is where future rhizome growth will occur.

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Thanks Kent,

Just wondered if I should cover them with a blanket of some kind to prevent the daylight from teasing them into continued growth? We still have a couple of weeks before the fear of frost is gone.

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I am guessing that the warm temperature has triggered the growth and the lack of sunlight contributes to the leggy growth. The use of a cover likely would be better if applied earlier and primarily to prevent water loss. If a cover is sometimes used you might need to allow for a bit of air exchange.

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