Where Do The Bumps Go?

schnegj(z8 No.Florida)April 19, 2005

Hi, Y'all!

I just bought my first canna lily bulbs - 4 Black Knights. I have no idea which end is supposed to be up, down, left, or right!!!! Nothing was growing off it to indicate roots or growth. Please tell me how to plant them (I just put them in soil in the meantime so they wouldn't dry out).



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Just plant them and they'll grow. The "bumps" are the eyes. Ideally they go "up", but on cannas, they could be on every side of the rhizome. So just plant them a couple inches deep and they'll find their way.

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schnegj(z8 No.Florida)

This sure sounds like the kind of plant I could get to like. I can handle those directions! Thanks.

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