How deep do I plant canna's indoors?

bella_on(z5 Canada)April 11, 2005

I was given about 8 bulbs by a friend with very little instructions....going to plant them indoors for a head start ...but don't know how deep to put each one in their pots. They won't be going outdoors till end of May, when we finally warm up here in Ontario. Thanks for your answers. This is my first post here on this Wonderful Forum.

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My general rule of thumb is about 2" below the soil surface. However, that said, it really isn't an exact science. When I first pot 'em up, it's usually about 3 plus inches deep as the potting soil will settle and the eventual depth will be anywhere from 1" to 2" deep. If you're going to transplant them inground, then basically you just want them up and growing, with the rhizomes starting to put out new roots.

To get them started once you have them potted, water moderately and put them in the warmest spot you can find, hopefully in a window with direct sun. When they start to feel dryish on top, water them well. You don't want to overwater at this point as they can rot. Once you have them outside and the temps are hot, then they'll take all the water you can give them. Here, in our hot, zone 9 summer climate, we can't give them enough water.

Hope this helps some.


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I planted mine just 2 weeks ago and they were each two inches below the soil and they are in pots sitting on an heating pad are a foot and a half tall, I potted up two more Thursday past and they are up six inches each. I then potted up the rest Saturday and their tips are breaking through the soil.

The Pooter!

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lesleynd(z3/4 ND)

I am also going to start about 10 cannas inside to give them a start before putting outside. How big a pot should I use? Soil free planting medium? To save pots and space could I plant some together and how big a pot. This is going to be for about 2 - 3 weeks (hopefully) before I can get them outside. Thanks. And talk about newbie! I don't even know what the eyes look like!!!! When they arrive what do I look for? Told you I was a newbie!!! :-)) Thanks

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