Canna ID.

lovesnowie(9b)May 19, 2014

Hi, does anybody know what the name of this canna is and if its edible variety? Thanks

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This forum's gone kind of stale, maybe because they're not blooming yet, most places? You may want to ask in name-that-plant forum if you are still seeking this ID.

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Thank you for your reply. I will try the forum you suggested :)

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It is a little difficult to give a positive id to your canna because it shows symptoms of a canna virus. I think the cultivar is likely City of Portland. You ask if it is edible; the canna rhizomes are edible but in the last 30 years I have yet to hear of anyone giving serious recommendations to doing so the second time. In Southeast Asia they do feed cannas to pigs and starch is produced in some limited areas. They have also been used to help reduce contaminants from sewage lagoon waste water. There are numerous uses for cannas but not typically a plant for human consumption.


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Thanks for the reply Kent! I thought that canna bush was pretty healthy! This is my first year of growing canna and second year of gardening so i wouldn't be able to tell if it gets a virus. Well ill keep it for now and see how it goes ðÂÂÂð :)

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