can a canna recover from a rotten root?

tropical_thought(San Francisco)May 1, 2010

I had this baggie canna. I think it's Tropicana. I got it at Lowe's, because it was growing in the bag. It was in the bag with some other cannas that did not sprout or grow as they were all rotten. But, when I planted it the soil was less then ideal. I may have used too much amendment, as I was preparing a new bedding area. Then we had a lot of excessive rain.

It was not doing all that well, and I did not expect much, but yesterday I dug it up to isolate in a panic over the virus. I noticed the root looked very rotten. I have no idea how this plant can even be alive. I replanted it in a pot with quality soil and now I have it in the house as a house plant. I wanted to keep it away from my other plants. I plan to move it to a sunny location outside during the day.

My question is can the root generate healthy tissue or should I have tried to cut away the dead parts? Unfortunately, I have to wait for it to grow more healthy tissue, because I could not see any healthy tissue. The whole thing looked rotten. I should have taken a picture. Never buy baggie cannas. This a lesson to learn. My baggie hostas all failed, but my baggie lily of the valley really were fanatic, so I was hopeful.

I should have taken a photo of the root. This is sort of like a sciece experiemnt. I have learned a lot. The El Nino (cold and wet) could have contributed to the ill healthy of the canna. However, it did have the rot when I planed it. I just assumed it had recovered somewhat by now. I am in San Francisco by the way.

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

Here is a photo, and the one after it is a leaf close up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of canna with rotten rot

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I would not be overly concerned about the rot described on the rhizome. It is quite common for the old rhizome to show signs of decay. It appears to me that there was enough healthy rhizome tissue to allow for the meristem to produce a viable growing point. I assume you seen some healthy white roots growing from the base of the canna rhizome. That would indicate that the plant will outgrow the decay and produce a healthy plant.
If this is the only canna you have growing do not be concerned with any virus issues relative to other plants in your grow area. Canna virus is quite specie specific and will not spread to other types of plants.
I am fairly certain your canna is not C. ÂTropicannaÂ.
Providing no other cannas are in the immediate area it would be best if this plant was placed outside in full sun. Cannas simply do not do well in the home due to the filtered light conditions typically found there. If your nights are very cool you might bring it inside if possible. Your container size may ultimately prove to be a little small.

Good luck and report back on your results,

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

I have been putting it out in the garden every day and bringing it in at night. It seems to love the new pot, and is growing more quickly then when it was in the ground. I can move it around to get full sun all day. The root is still very small, so that is a big pot for it, at least right now. The root is the size of a hamster. I have supersoil potting mix, which it seems to really like. I have two other cannas, but I am not trying to get this one near them in case it has a virus.I thought it was Tropicana, because I think it said canna orange flower, and Tropicana is orange.

Here is a link that might be useful: look at all the positive growth

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