Angel Pink Beauty - how tall, please?

jo_in_txMay 21, 2006

This is a salmon colored canna with a yellow throat. I'd like to know how tall it gets. I'm planting it behind Primrose yellow, and I want to make sure I'm not making a mistake. The tag from the nursery says it will get four feet tall, but a source online says only two feet tall.

I'm in zone nine.

Thanks so much.


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The height of a particular canna variety can vary depending on conditions, but I wouldn't bet on an Angel Pink growing to four feet. I used to have one that grew to maybe two and a half feet at best.

Unless the one with that nursery tag is a division of a mutation that tends to grow taller, four feet is probably an error.

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The first question requiring an answer is if you actually have C. ÂAngel Pink or C. ÂPink BeautyÂ. From your description, I will assume you have received ÂAngle PinkÂ. There is no canna cultivar named ÂAngel Pink BeautyÂ. ÂAngle Pink typically grows 2 ½ to 3 and slightly shorter than ÂPrimrose YellowÂ. You may wish to plant it to the front. Regards, Kent

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I just bought a plant yesterday labled pink Beauty Canna (Canna x Generalis 'Pink Beauty'). The grower is Southern Treasures; and this plant is definitly a dark pink, much closer to being red than salmon. The tag says 30" tall.

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