Shaping Lantana...or can I even?

itsmesarahAugust 27, 2008

I bought some yesterday for $1 each. Well this morning after doing a little research I figured you can turn them to trees. I LOVE them as trees but I noticed that the lady I got them from pinched out the middle at a VERY early stage so it has 2 stems coming off the side.

Can I still shape into a 1 stem tree?

Like this..

If so how and when should I start?

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marymilkweed(z9 Orlando FL)

Your picture of the Lantana standard tree makes me want to drool with envy, I would love to learn how to create that beauty? I have Red Dallas Lantana growing, I think that's it in your picture, and it is sprawled all over the ground and over other plants, but I am afraid to trim it back because all my butterflies nectar on it daily. And I would think that butterflies would love the height.

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I don't know...Lantana is a bush. I thought that if you wanted a plant that isn't normally a tree to be a tree, you had to graft it somehow. I have seen Lantana 'trees' at nurseries, just not sure how they do it.

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I heard to do it you just clip it up the "trunk" till youve got the height you want then start clipping off the top to bush it out.
The "trunk" will harden with age.

I was thinking last night about it in bed and thought that I could just cut one of the sides off and reroot it but take it and turn it till the other side stands straight up and put dirt so it holds like that. Stake if needed. Does that sound like it would work?

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Do they do better in containers??
If I was to bring it in during the winter would it still bloom inside?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Lantana standards (tree form) are created by 1) grafting onto an existing lantana of the desired height, 2) cutting an existing lantana all the way to the ground and allowing only ONE main stem to form, 3) by growing from seeds or cuttings and allowing only ONE main stem to develop until the plant is of the desired height.

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So would what Im saying work??
IDK if you can tell by the pic what Im trying to do

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freshair2townsquare(z7/8, D/FW)

Isn't the one in the picture staked?

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itsmesarah is
But that isnt my bush..that is a googled bush

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I love lantana trees and haven't been able to find any info on how to make one, so I bought a small one to experiment. It had one main stem and was the straightest one I could find. It was in a 4" pot, I've upped it to 6 1/2" and have been fertilizing as normal. I started pinching off the large stems forming off the main one. So far it's stayed nice and straight, but it's starting to lean a little so I'll stake it soon. I plan on keeping track of what I do to it so if it works I can post something on how to do it. If it doesn't work I can look back at what I did so I don't do it the same way a second time

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