Cannas from Karchesky's

leah29May 10, 2009

I'm looking for a little advice about cannas. I've bought some red dwarf cannas from a couple different sources that have turned out to be diseased. I have some president red cannas in the ground now that are currently showing signs of the virus. I was thinking of digging them up and getting some from Karchesky's because I read that they were a good source for healthy cannas. My 2 questions are: will the virus be transmitted through the soil if I put them in the same place as the ones I currently have growing? (after I dig up the diseased ones of course) and secondly, has anyone bought from Karchesky's and had problems with the virus? Any advice would be appreciated as I'm still new to cannas but have quickly fallen for them!

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

I may be wrong but there is a chance that if you put canna's in the same spot that you dug up ones with a virus that you will pass it onto the new ones. I know with other plant virus's as in hosta's you do not want to plant in the same spot right away.


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abutilon(z6 sw PA)

The best route to prevent virus is to get rid of all virused cannas and only grow healthy ones. Too many times healthy cannas are planted with the unhealthy ones. In they end, they are wind up diseased.

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You can a one healthy canna and plant it in a another place or pot to avoid virus from spreading throughout your plant. Remove all that is affected.

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