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averageJune 19, 2005

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and to gardening. I read with interest in a recent posting about mail order plants and negative and postive comments about them. I was just wondering how you find the sites in Canada. The only sites I have been able to find are all in the US and they will not ship to Canada. In the other posting there were some sites mentioned, but when I checked them out they were in the US (Rockwood Gardens). I would love to order plants if I could find Canadian sites. Thanks in advance for any info I may receive.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Hi, welcome to gardening and the forum - yours is a good question. I have found out about many mail order places from Gardenweb people. Canadian Gardening magazine also has a late winter issue specializing in mail order stuff - I think they still do it anyway. There are a LOT of mailorder companies in Cda, many of which specialize in particular types of plants.
Here's a few to start you off:

Try this too, not sure if the link will work but it's a Yahoo directory search for Canadian Nurseries...

Hope you find some good stuff here. Hope you still have money left after... LOL Have fun.

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imcanadian(3 Sask. Canada)

Great sites! I like Patrick Studios(Guru Gardens) and Plants of Perfection too. Joelle

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cailinriley(z3 Calgary AB)

If you go to Dave's Garden Watch Dog, you can find a number of Canadian
mail order sites listed, along with comments (positive and negative) from former buyers.

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LauraBC(z8 BC Cda)

Dave's Garden does have some good Canadian site to choose from. I have done a bit of ordering this year and so far have been very happy with the products received. I've read some horror stories about some peoples experience with mail order plants but mine have been good.

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Have had great luck with.. Botanus.. They specialize more in bulbs but have perennials too...
Vesseys is good too... Both have reasonable prices too..

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audreye(5b Ont)

I have also purchased from Their stuff is packed nicely, great condition and my experience with them was great.


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weezi(z5b/6a Toronto ON)

You can also try Canning Perennials (I think the url is - they have both a mail order business and a retail nursery near Brantford, Ontario - so if you live close by you can pick up the order and save shipping costs. The only downside is that the plants don't arrive in pots (the roots are packed in wet newspaper in a plastic bag, and the plants are layered in a box between sheets of newspaper), so you have to pot them or put them in the garden really fast once they arrive. However, the shrubs and perennials I ordered from them earlier this season all seem to be doing fine.

I also got Minter Gardens in B.C. to ship me an Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Little Honey' although they are not a mail order business. They just put the plant on a bus, and I picked it up in Toronto and paid the bus freight charges.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Hi there

Though it doesn't really rate them as good, bad, etc, the website for Canadian Gardening Magazine does have a section which lists various Cdn mail order companies and the type of items they carry.

Enjoy, (link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cdn Gardening magazine list of catalogues

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luv2gro(z3a AB)

Here's a site I found that has a Canadian section (about 1/2 down on the right of the page) and it lists all (or at least many, many, many) of the Canadian seed and plant companies. I have had many hours of exploring from this site. Happy surfin'


Here is a link that might be useful: Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs

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I liked Patrick Studio (Guru Garden) too, but unfortunately they don't do mailorder anymore -- this spring was their last season for mailorder. Another one I like which hasn't been mentioned is Fraser Thimble Farms. I mainly use them for unusual trees and shrubs, but have also bought perennials and bulbs from them. Everything has grown well for me -- better than Veseys, which lots of people like, but for me the plants have mainly arrived bareroot and shipped too late to thrive. Fraser Thimble and Gardenimport ship well-packed plants in growth with dirt and they establish quickly for me, although Gardenimport is a bit pricey.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fraser Thimble Farms

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mary_rockland(USDA4 Ottawa)

Are there any particular types of plants you want to order or just a bit of everything?

If you are interested in say daylilies and iris and say 5 at a time, you are better off ordering from places that specialize in them. If you want a variety you can also try a place like Dominion Seed. Like Vesey's they carry everything from berry plants to trees to wildflower plants. I think they'll send a few catalogue too if you ask on the website. They are very reliable as well.

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Hi, I'm looking for mail order place that ships citrus.

Thanks tasty

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Go to Dominion Seed House in georgetown, Ont. on the web and you can get phone numbers or order by mail. They ship plants in spring and fall and usually arrive in great condition.

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