okay, where are the tropicannas?

sybilkrizinski(5)May 4, 2005

I have been on the internet, printed out nurseries, and I

can"t find Tropicanna. My Lowes doesn't have them nor

Home Depot. I Ordered them from Wayside and received three

scrawny bulbs. Any ideas?



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Our Lowes just got them in this week for $13/gal.

I saw some on Ebay too for $4 each I think.

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Nancy zone 6

Our lowe's just got them too, nice big full pots for $13 or $14. I am wondering if your Lowe's will show up with them in a week or 2 since you are a farther north... I traded for my tropicanna a couple of years ago, it hasn't done very well. I don't know if it just doesn't tend to be as healthy as other cannas, or maybe I just didn't get a really healthy one. Frankly, I may buy one from Lowes' they look much bigger than mine did at the end of last season!

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)

I saw them at Lowe's too!

Boca Joe

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If your lowes doesn't have them yet, ask them if they'll get them. They may bring some in if you ask. At ours here, we can request the plants we want and they try to find a supplier for them.

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simplycharming(Z5 MI)

I'm in Michigan and my local lowes has them now...

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weatherguy(z6 Illinois)

My local Lowes has Tropicannas too....

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oldwriter(z8 Central TX)

Keep your eyes open and sometimes get a little nervy. Today I drove past a house with the most gorgeous cannas I'd ever seen. On an impulse, I knocked on the door and politely asked for a start. They told me to help myself. I brought home four, did some research, and found that I had obtained The canna, Tropicanna.

"Sometimes you have not because ye ask not."

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I got mine at Walmart year before last. The first year they both had blooms. I had them set out in an area where ,they
did not recieve very much Sun. I moved them last year to a Sunnier spot and neither bloomed. Ths year all my Cannas look really good, except for Tropicanna, which are much smaller. I hope they bloom this year.

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