Want to try cannas

grullablue(5)May 1, 2011

I live in southern WI, and I'd like to try some cannas in my yard. I'm partial to the tropicanna/phasion variety, and I also like the ones that are dark green with burgundy edging, not sure the name of it. I've been looking it up and reading about digging the rhizomes up for winter and keeping them in the basement over winter...think I can handle that!

My questions are....can they handle some wind, or do they shred like banana leaves can? Can they handle being planted alongside the west side of a brick house that really gets hot in the summertime? They won't "burn?" Another planting option...anyone know if they are toxic to animals, should I plant them near my chicken coop run, if a leaf gets within reach of my chickens, they aren't toxic, are they? And do they spread? Fast?

Does anyone here on GW sell rhizomes, or know of a good place to buy them? I've seen them on Plant Delights and such, but would prefer not to spend $25 per plant.

I would love to see pics of peoples cannas!


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chrsvic(z6 OH)

Im no canna expert, only started growing them last year or so, but ive seen them for sale on craigslist pretty cheap. They multiply every year, and unless one has infinite planting space, folks are willing to trade or part with cheaply the extras they have. Id like to try some Tropicannas myself.

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I live in New England and have been growing 3 different varieties of Tropicannas for a few years in containers, and bought some from Lowes as plants, and some from Willowcreek Gardens online catalog as rhizomes. I just bring the whole container into the basement each winter and then start to water them again in April and take them outside once it's above 50 at night. They reproduced a lot over the last few summers though so I'm going to unpot them, divide and move into a more pots. I found info about how to dig and store them on the Tropicanna website too. We're up on a hill and get a bit of wind and it has done some damage to some of my plants. I would recommend not putting them out in the middle of an open area if you get a lot of wind. They would probably love the heat of a brick house though. And I don't think they're toxic to animals - our pets are always around my plants.

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