crimson king hawthorne

bonnygardener-nbJune 2, 2009

i planted a crimson king hawthorne last june and it shows no sign of life .i am in nb ,zone 4b -5 and we had a bad winter this year with tons of snow .i can get a replacement but am wondering if it will survive here .i gave it wonderful compost ,large hole and water when dry ...everything it might have desired .should i try again ?

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I have a 'Crimson Cloud' Hawthorne. It is flowering right now and doing very well. We planted it on the south side of the house. We had another on the west/northwest side of the house but it was winter killed this year. The last four years, it did quite well. Like you we had a bad winter but we get a fair amount of snow every year and the snow didn't seem to hurt it. I think what killed it was the harsh winds and the freeze/thaw cycle in early spring. Marg

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