When to plant cannas

Jsteffek81May 3, 2012

I live in Austin, TX and just bought some canna bulbs. It's mid May and 90 degrees. Is it too late to plant them? If so, can I keep them in my garage and plant them next spring?

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Austin, Texas has a very long growing season for cannas. They need to be planted now and not stored until next season. Cannas love the heat as long as they have plenty of water and nutrients.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

yes if I'm not mistaken cannas are to be planted after last average
last frost if I'm not mistaken you ar
e in zone 9 there for plant in march

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In Sun City Arizona the winter's average temp is in the 70's. We have an atrium that is protected from the chill that normally happens on a January and February evening. The temp now in late October is in the mid 80's. I've seen Canna bulbs for sale on ebay. If I plant these canna bulbs in early November will they grow and bloom if they aren't exposed to any cold temperatures.

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Im in zone 6B and my canna are still blooming, with 2 frosts already. I think if you get some of the tougher types they will take a frost or 2 and low temps with no problem. avg nighttime temps have been in the 50's here and they blooms keep on comming

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My canna's only got about a foot high and never bloomed. I had them on the north side of the house and watered them plenty. We didn't have a regular flowe bed, just dug some holes in the yard and added potting soil. Could this be my problem? We rent and didn't want to invest to much into a flower bed.

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