None of my canna's came back!!! Is it too early?

meadow_lark(7)May 27, 2005

I am in NE Alabama (zone 7 - Huntsville)

Last summer I bought 3 different kinds of canna, all in beautiful shades of pink. (These were my first ones.)

Not a single one came back this year! I was told that if mulched - they would do fine. I went ahead and dug them up last night, and they are not viable.

I am so disappointed. AThey grew great all last summer. They were so pretty.

I moved here from Florida - an canna grew in the ditches along side the road. They were all in red/orange/yellow tones. When I saw the pink ones in a catalog - I fell in love with them.

I see canna in gardens all around this area - but they are all reds and yellows.

Are pinks not hardy?

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I wanna canna!!!!

Meadow Lark

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Next time I'll preview my message before I post, since you can't spell check in this thing!


Meadow Lark

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weatherguy(z6 Illinois)

I think all cannas have about the same hardiness. Maybe they rotted?? Was it cool and damp this winter??

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In Indiana you have to dig the bulbs up every year. At least that is what I do and have never had any problems.

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Meadow Lark, I have quite a few up but my pink beauty has just started coming up the last couple of weeks and is growing slow. Still give it some time and see what happens. I thought I'd lost those and looked and there they finally were.


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Ooooo I hope they come back. They were the prettiest shades of pink. They were especially pretty at dusk...

I'll wait a little while longer, but all of the cannas I see around town are already well on their way...

Meadow Lark

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Even here they'll survive all winter in ground near the house foundation, but they'll take FOREVER to grow. Much better to lift them and start them indoors a couple months ahead of time.

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