What is this plant?

chillout_cyMay 30, 2014

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help please. I've been told that it's a canna but we've had it a few years and were unaware that it flowered! It's in a little bit of a sorry state we know and if we can find out what it is then we can treat it right. We live in Cyprus and it's just starting to get hot(lucky us!). We previously had it in shade now it's in more sun, hope this is ok. Many thanks in advance.

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Leaves look like canna. As for not flowering, I think you explained the reason. Canna does like having sun, and many plants that flower in the sun will have no blooms or reduced blooms in the shade, even if they keep growing.

Since it's in a pot, if you can move it to somewhere with 4-8 hours of sun, you should get some blooms.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Needs lots of water.

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Thanks for the info guys, it's getting a lot more sun than it used to but I think I'll move it out into the garden proper and give it more water. Fingers crossed!

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The new leaves look cool, I'd be happy to see the blooms when it flowers ..good luck! :)

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