where to find Neem oil for lilies

dllfb(Ontario 5a)June 19, 2006

I'm in southern Ontario, and am starting to worry about my lilies and those red bugs eating them....I read that Neem oil kills the critters....where do you buy that stuff? I called a few gardening places and they didn't even seem to ever have heard of it.

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I found mine at a place called Bustan in downtown Toronto. Look up their website and you can order online. (or go there).
My local garden center now sells it as well. Georgina garden center - Keswick.
It's great stuff - I use it on my brugmansia for spider mites. Mix it with a few drops of dish soap so the oil and water can breakdown. Use all that you mix each time, it has no shelf life.
Hope this helps - good luck

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raptorfan(z5 Ont, Cda)

i've seen it at Richters and Humber Nurseries may have it. Maybe Terra Greenhouse as well?

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Try calling any 'hydroponic' store in your area, such as "Yield of Dreams" or "Homegrown Hydroponics" - they'll have it on the shelf - sometimes called "Einstein's Neem Oil".

It works on the Rose Midge infestation I had as well.

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Richters does have it. I make a spray that works well for me with water, baby oil & dish soap.


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dllfb(Ontario 5a)

Thanks all for the info. summerday does this spray that you make work on killing these lily red bugs? Could you please share your recipe with portions of water, baby oil and dish soap? Thanks!

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

I've used homemade recipes for bug spray before, but for lily beetles you want to use Neem oil - it is much more effective than a homemade substitute. Neem has properties that would go beyond the immediate suffocation that you get from homemade soap and oil mixtures. Neem also inhibits the developement of the larvae from one stage to the next, and it works as an antifeedent - it makes the leaves unpalatable so the insects have nothing to eat.

A homemade mixture may kill any bugs it contacts, but it will have to be sprayed again and again to get the same benefits as a single spraying of Neem oil. Lily beetles are very fast in their destruction - they can defoliate a lily in a couple of days. If you miss a day with your homemade spray, you could still have a lot of damage.


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sydseeds(5A /ON)

BP: your explanation is dead-on as to why Neem oil is the way to go over homemade oil & soap mixtures if one wants to erradicate future generations of that evil red lily beetle - it's not only the red bug but the offspring that get affected when using Neem. Great explanation!

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Thanks for the info, BP. Learned something new today.


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Hi. I found my neem oil on e-bay. Not too expensive, but you only need the smallest bottle offered. It really goes a very long way. Lindab_gardener

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

Neem is a health & beauty aid in East Indian culture. I got a 4-oz bottle for $1.99 at an Indian grocery store.

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A lot of places that sell soapmaking supplies or essential oil will carry neem oil. Canwax.com has some, as does fpi-america, which is where I get mine. But I think they're wholesale only.

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I'm in Ottawa and after going to specialty nurseries, Canadian Tire, and Home Depot, I found it at Rona and they have several sizes. AND it is the real deal Neem Oil, not the mixed stuff that claims to have some in it. Honestly, I find Rona's garden centre better than most places.

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