how long for canna bulbs to sprout?

dmcdorman(5)May 6, 2013

i bought some red cannas on craigslist and planted them about 3-4 weeks ago. it's been pretty cold and wet here so they've stayed moist most of the time.

anyway, just wondering how long people usually wait before seeing spikes start coming out. Thanks

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Canna emergence in the spring is primarily predicated on soil temperature and to some degree bud swelling on the rhizome. I often suggest that cannas can be planted about or after the oak trees begin to leaf. There really are no hard and fast rules; remember that many folks living in the more temperate regions leave cannas in the ground for the winter. Spring planted rhizomes can easily take 3 to 5 weeks to emerge.
Wish you had indicated where you live: if the (5) is your zone you may have planted a bit early for the way this spring season has NOT progressed. Planting in cold wet soil is definitely not the best and can cause the rhizomes to rot or at least delay normal growth. Hopefully you planted in a well-drained area. Chances are your cannas will be somewhat delayed until we have a week or two of warmer weather.

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The cannas I bought on ebay sprouted in about a week, some in pots some in the ground, some took two weeks. I'm in zone 8 though. The ones I put on their side took longer for me. We've had warm temps it was 80s when I put them in, but dropped into the low 70s but all get full sun.

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Thanks guys! It was a little cold and has been rainy so I hope my bulbs didn't rot. I planted 14. If I can get half of them to sprout I'd be happy with that as I could break them up at the end of the season and increase my amount of cannas that way.

I'm hoping that the next couple weeks of 70+ days here in missouri will warm those babies up!

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I would start in pots and fertilize heavily once they sprout. Then put out in early June.

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Don't feel bad I planted some 3 weeks ago and they are not showing any sides of awakening yet.

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