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sharlabelMay 26, 2008

I just purchased some canna bulbs at Home Dopey along with some daylily bulbs. The daylily bulbs seem fine but I'm questioning the health of the canna's. They just seem kind of soft and like nothing. Could someone tell me what healthy ones should be like? I don't want to wait too long before replacing them. I'm not familiar with alot of bulbs (tubers)?

Thanks, Sharla

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I don't think they should be soft. they should be firm. They may be rotted. I would bring em back. I have been using Canna's for yrs. and the only soft ones are the rotted ones. good luck

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Thanks. Don't want to waste any time here in zone 6 if you know what I mean! They certainly didn't seem right to me. I'll be more careful choosing next time and make sure I have some solid material in that pkg.

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nightrider767(San Antonio)

They should be firm to the touch. You know how to judge a potato? Same for cannas. If it's mucky, don't buy it.

Course on the other hand, last year I bought a box of marginal President. They where dark and none too firm. But in the end, seems like every one of them grew.

If it's mostly firm, it should be ok. Just don't over-water them. let them dry out a bit between watering.

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