Pots in San Fernando Valley

wildrnesxperienc(9b)May 6, 2014

I used to love Mainly Seconds on Magnolia but its been gone for a while now. I usually find myself just buying the Mexican clay pots at Home Depot now. What are your favorite places in the San Fernando Valley area (I'm in North Hollywood) for a good selection of inexpensive clay and glazed pots?

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Not glazed, but they have clay pots at 99 cent stores. I too used to go to Mainly Seconds when I was in that neighborhood. I mostly bought plants.

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Try resedapottery.com in Reseda.
I've only been there once to wander around. They have hundreds if not thousands of fountains and pots.
I miss my mainly seconds also.

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johns.coastal.patio(USDA 10b, Sunset 24)

Not "in" San Fernando, but for me on the way there ;-)

Try http://www.potterymfg.com/ They are in Gardena. They are open to public.

I stopped by and saw a BIG selection of terracotta, as well as they higher end glazed and architectural stuff.

Seriously, I think it is worth a day trip to check it out.

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Surprisingly, Home Goods has some good prices & selection right now. Green Arrow, one on Sepulveda & one on Sherman Way, aren't bad. Also, there's a large dealer on the west side of Canoga between Sherman Way & Saticoy (don't know their name). Up in the north valley, we miss Syd's Seconds!

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Thanks for all the responses so far! I went by reseda pottery today. You're right, tons of pots and fountains, all working. My wife and I had never seen anything like it that's for sure! Our 8 month old didn't know what to think. Prices for pots weren't that "discount" though so we didn't get what we were looking for. Gardena is too far for just a couple smaller pots, but if I'm ever down that way... I'll check Home goods. Anywhere else?

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Pots are a challenge here in our blast furnace Summer heat. Have you given any thought to a SIP (Sub-irrigated planter) such as EarthBox? The water savings is incredible and the results are spectacular. Here's an EB just starting out with cucumbers:

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It's true they can be a burden to keep watered when its really hot. And while I recognize the function of the self watering options, they aren't decorative like a clay pot. These pots are for ornamentals. For vegetables and such as you're using them, the self irrigating ones would be ideal!

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wildrnesxperienc, there's no reason that you couldn't grow ornamental plants in an EarthBox. I don't, others do and you surely could as well. EBs come in two sizes and many different colors. They are well engineered and come with extras such as wheels, automatic watering systems, etc. I have no affiliation with the company, I'm just a fan.

Here is a link that might be useful: images of flowers in earthbox

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That actually doesn't look half bad. Went to Jackalope today, I hadn't been in years, and got some beautiful things. They're having a Mother's Day sale right now. They have some fantastic stuff, not discount, but the sale helps. Really cool pots there and tons of them. I could've spent hundreds...

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