Tropicanna infected again...

green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)May 28, 2010

Last year, i contacted the Tropicanna supplier and asked if they were aware that all the Tropicannas in my area were virused. I got a reply saying that they were aware and should have thrown the tubers out. They indicated that they were growing clean stock and next year (2010) they would be selling healthy stock. They went on to say ow they invested a lot of money to grow healthy, virus free plants in Isreal.

Well, it's 2010 and I saw last week that Rona had Tropicanna cannas listed in their flyer for $17.99 for a 17 cm pot. I went to one Rona and they were out of cannas. I was just at another and I saw about 10 pots of the sickest looking Troopicannas I have ever seen.

I looked at the rest of their cannas and they were virused too.

I sure hope that no one on the forum bought this canna from Rona. If you did, take it back.

I have restricted my buying of cannas - too many sick ones out their. Last year, I infected a few pots of Tropicanna and have thrown several out.

This year, careful screening, see a few infected cannas - and out they go. The majority of my cannas are virus free. I'm also staying on the aphids - who can spread the virus.

I'm keeping an watchful eye on them.

I have a few other people growing Tropicannas to keep a clean supply.

Too bad the company didn't live up to their word.


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It seems like an endless effort at times.

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Newbie dumb question, what does the virus look like? I mean, if it's that obvious, why would anyone buy a sick plant? Am I missing something??

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Thanks for the links.

Sounds like the virus isn't obvious at first, but soon(?) causes plant to manifest symptoms leading to collapse.

If I bought a questionable canna at HD, could I grow it in a pot for just this season? Would I know by summer's end if it was infected? Would it have any effect on my new cannas? I just ordered another canna from Karchesky Canna. Thanks!!

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Well, if there is a possiblity of it being infected...can it. Bugs will spread the virus. Dont share tools. Take it back to HD.

Post a pic.

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

If you saw these Tropicanna - they look horrible. The problem is that some people do not know what a canna is suppose to look like.

These are definitely showing signs of a virus.

I know a company that contracted a grower for some healthy cannas, Australia.

I recently saw them and they are showing sickly streaks in their leaves. Such a shame.

The big box stores sell what they receive and do not question it.

I did see some good cannas at HD - they were a dwarf variety.

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