Canna advice please...

greekmiss(z7 MD)May 23, 2005

I have a flower bed that is so full of Canna that I think it would be best to take some out and possible even transplant some of it to a different area.

When is the best time to take the tubers out...right now they are just sprouting their leaves and are anywhere from just growing to about 6" high?

If I do take the tubers out, what is the best way to store them? Let's say I wanted to keep them over the winter and then re-plant them the next spring?

Thanks in advance! ...and I appreciate your time and help!

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The very worst time to move any plant is when it's actively growing.

If they were mine, & I really needed to thin them right away, I would either prepare the other bed & move some of them there, taking extra care as with any new transplant, or trade them or give them away.

If I were planning to over-winter them out of the ground, I would definitely wait until they finish this year's cycle & go dormant in the autumn/winter.

Best luck, & enjoy!


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Do you want to trade some?
Email me if you do, I have some other colors or?

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I'm afraid that they'd be really stressed by mailing them to Texas right now:
it's hot here!

You might post on the Exchanges portion of Cannas, & also on the Plant Exchange Forum.
Be sure to include what kind they are, how many you have, etc.

Garden clubs often have plant swaps one or two times a year:
You might check in your area.

If you simply must thin them, & trading is burdensome, & the new bed isn't ready, just put some of them in large pots.

Put them in the shade for a week or so while they adjust, & keep them well-watered & sheltered from the wind.

Best luck, & enjoy!

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