New to cannas- how to plant?

standbyq13May 9, 2006

Hello! I am creating gardens for the first time in the yard of my first house. I have been very fortunate to receive many plants from friends and family to get me kick started. Last night my husband brought me 2 plastic grocery bags filled with cannas from someone at work. Some are already sprouting! I have never grown cannas and don't even know how to plant them! Are they like my iris, rhizomes at ground level, or do I bury them like roots? The area where I am planting them is not ready and I would like to try the lasagna method to ammend the soil. (It has been tilled, we did the entire yard, but not ammended and it's clay.) Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I hope to get them in the ground this weekend!


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Well, it's kinda slow here so I guess I'll try and answer your question.

I've found cannas are not too picky if the soil is halfway decent but they do appreciate lots of water and some fertilizer.
I've grown them in containers with a good compost potting soil and I've thrown them in the ground with no ammendments at all. My soil is clay and each spring I try to work in a layer of compost where I'm planting, but I didn't have time to do anything to the soil when I planted the ones in the ground. They still grew so well over the past 2 years I had to divide and remove several rhizomes this spring.

I plant them 4 inches deep, but in zone8 I leave them in the ground year round. I belive others in colder areas plant them around 2" which would make digging them up each fall much easier.

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