Is There A Leaf Roller Preventative?

XeramatheumMay 18, 2005

Ok, Ya'll got me scared to death about leaf rollers. I'm growing canna's for the first time. Is there a way to prevent these maurader? Do these catapilliars turn into some kind of moth or butterfly that lay the eggs? if yes, what do they look like so I can be on the look out!


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weatherguy(z6 Illinois)

Will the leaf roller effect plants in the chicago area? Some say that they don't like areas with winter freezes and there are reports of them in Ontario.Hmmm. I have alot of cannas for the first time this year and I'm now getting very worried...

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cannafreak(z7 NY)

I use Sevin bug spray. I heard that they do not go to States where they have harsh winters but I have had them in the past and winters here can get pretty harsh.

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

try finding some Bayer advanced tree& shrub insect killer for your leaf can unroll the leafs remove the worm to the ground and birds will eat them also.You can hand control with no sprays if not alot of cannas.I tried a preventive measure this time.after the last frost.I removed mulch and stuff and applied fresh compost& mulch and sprayed the ground.they overwinter their eggs and they hatch in March here or far so good.I forgot to do my bengal tigers so they have some,but no new since sprayed.I purchased at lowes

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