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miclino(5)May 27, 2012

Planted some canna australia bulbs purchased from Brenand Becky's with over a foot of foliage. It is in full sun, well drained with hot afternoon sun. I grew regular cannas in that location last year.

After two weeks, the leaves look like they are greening a little bit. In addition, some of the smaller outer leaves have shrivelled and dried up. The rest of the foliage however is erect and not droopy. I was watering daily initially but have eased off due to concern of overwatering. Now its every third day although they sprinklers hit it 3 times a week as well. The soil was layered with compost before planting.

Any ideas? I can post pics.

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Here are the pics

By miclino at 2012-05-27

By miclino at 2012-05-27

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Sorry, I am slow to respond to your post. Your C. Australia appears fine to me. The lower primary leafs often die back. Hopefully by now the night temperatures have become more attractive to normal growth and you are seeing normal growth. As temperatures increase I think your red leaf color will become more pronounced.
If you suspect other problems, update with questions and photos. Kent

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My "Australia" plants have been a consistent deep purple in leaf since they emerged in May, but maybe our early heat wave had something to do with it (we've had both abnormally cool and warmer than normal temps since then).

As to your watering, there's no way to tell what soil conditions are like under that mulch without checking.

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You have them planted rather close. These are 6' plants. Check them at Horns at

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