Al's Gritty Mix in Toronto

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I moved out of my parents place last September and started enjoying the privilege of gardening only this year. Long story short, I picked up a Meyer Lemon tree and google brought me to GardenWeb, which had me obsessed with trying Al's Gritty Mix.

But where to buy turface, bark and chicken granite in Toronto?

I searched the forum and only came up with outdated posts. Thanks in advance!

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I would like to find this product as well. I know you read about it and can purchase it simply in the U.S.
We can find it here so they say but I have not actually gone out to look seriously .
Does not need to be necessarily Al's Gritty Mix, ae other names and even un named poduct.

If you locate just where to purchase some I would like to know as well

THey say in my reading to look at places where they have materials for baseball diamonds it is a combination of this mix

I have seen it used though down in FLorida where I have a winter home

Things really do grow well in it. Is fabulous and worth looking for

Good luck and nice of you to try gardening

I have a Meyer Lemon tree growing in Florida about three years old now
Of course there it is growing right outside but in Canada, I am sure you know it can not be outdoors in winter.

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