Are all cannas vulnerable to this virus??

tropicalzone7(7b)May 19, 2010

I have many cannas one of which is robert kemp and since this is different from other cannas in flower habit and the fact that it makes viable seed, I was wondering if it can get the virus like other cannas do. Im worried about this virus and Ive been watching my cannas carefully to look for any discoloration in the leaves. I really like robert kemp and was hoping that maybe this was one canna that I didnt have to worry about! Last year about half of my cannas had the virus and Im hoping that I dont have to deal with that again this summer.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Unfortunately all cannas are susceptible to canna virus. There are no exceptions but some cultivars seem to have more tolerance to specific viruses. This was a major stumbling block in the early detection of canna viruses and the initial identification of specific viruses affecting cannas. The recognition of the virus symptoms can at times be difficult and in some cases trained pathologists may have difficulty. This fact continues to trouble many commercial growers and gardeners alike. The canna industry in the US and around the world still is dealing with this problem.
We must keep in mind that only about 3 to 4 years ago was CaYSV even recognized and identified and a paper published relative to this canna virus. Actually in our warmer growing areas many of the more "tolerant" cultivars grow and bloom very well.
Just for the record, there is no published list of "tolerant" (relevant term of an observer) cultivars.


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Thanks! Thats bad news but at least so far none of my cannas this year seem to be infected (there is one cultivator I have that looks like it could have the virus but I will have to wait until it gets older). The robert kemps had such a solid green color to it that I was curious if it was immuned but I guess not. Good news is that it is far from my other cannas so it wont get infected as long as it isnt infected either.

Thanks again!
Good luck.

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abutilon(z6 sw PA)

I believe ALL cannas are easily susceptible to CaYSV virus.

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Now I know why my Miss Oklahoma looks so horrible. I'll just throw the plant out, but it's in a wooden planter. Should I just assume that it's not safe to put another Canna in that container again, or is there a way to sterilize it? I have a Yellow Futurity a couple of feet away that looks great. I wonder if it's a more resistant cultivar or the virus needs intimate contact.

I've also noticed that most of the green-leafed Cannas at Lowe's have the CaYSV look. When I originally bought Miss O, I just thought that it was neglected, but it looks like there's an epidemic in their Canna stock.

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So far so good for my cannas. It looks like my cannas might be virus far anyway. I guess the symptoms can appear at anytime but some of them are getting bigger and still have normal coloring.
Antinous, I would not risk planting any healthy cannas next to or near to an infected one. Infected ones are probably best off being thrown out. Even if they look good now, they will look horrible later in the year.
I suggest that anyone living in cold climates and have virus free cannas should dig them up for the winter because it seems like so many cannas are becoming infected. I hope that cannas are still around 10 or 20 years from now!
Thanks for all the help. Maybe they will eventually come up with a resistant cultivator, but until then all cannas should be protected from this virus especially the best!

Good luck!

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Most of my new cannas i bought in bulk have the virus. I moved them to my backyard about 50 feet away. I have health cannas in the front yard. Can the virus be spread by wind?

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

I believe it can be spread by insects. I would do some quick research and decide if you really think it is worth the risk to keep them. Why not bring them back and get a refund.

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Sounds to me like the only way this virus spreads is by the "juice of the plant". Cutting a plant without sterlilizing the siccors can spread it, or a biting insect can. Thats why the farther the better!


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abutilon(z6 sw PA)

If growing clean and virused cannas in close proximity, it is best to eliminate the virused. If no virus is present to spread, you don't have to worry about it spreading.

If growing clean cannas, don't introduce virused stock. CaYSV spreads easily. If it is present, it will spread to all your cannas.

Healthy unvirused cannas are unbelievably beautiful and how we should all be enjoying them.

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Very true!

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i have 20 virused cannas thar were from costco and home depot
last year costco had clean cannas this year they are virused. I plan on letting the virused oned die over winter. I got lots of healthy cannnas of ebay. I avoid touching cutting or working near the virused plants.

these 3 ebay sellers have virus free canna. the first one has cannas with tubers 2 inches thick


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Thanks dennis! I got some cannas from ebay this year and they are also virus free. The seller doesnt usually sell plants but I guess he/she had some extras he/she wanted to get rid of. I got some cannas from BJ's (same type of store as costco) and they had viruses but I got some other ones from a nursery and they look virus free. Ive already moved all the virus cannas away from the healthy ones and I will probably dispose of them soon. Last year I got my cannas from costco also and some were virus free and some weren't. Most of them were free of a virus though.
I have healthy flower buds forming on my cannas and Im looking forward to some good blooms maybe in a week! Im definitely saving my cannas this winter because it seems like virus free cannas are harder to come by every year.

Good luck!

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