my 1st cannas

cheapgardener(5)May 6, 2010

A good friend gave me 10 pots of canna lilies. He says there are between 3 to 5 rhizomes in each pot. Everyone should have a friend like this! I have 2 questions the first one is in zone 5 is this too early to plant if I plant in a 50-50 mix of topsoil and compost. And next fall when I dig them up can I store them under my trailer house? I think if the water pipes don't freeze they should survive.

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

There is still a possibility of Frost -particularly this weekend. The temperature should not go below 40F or 6 C for the tubers.

Was your friend's name Gary and Laura?


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Don't think I'd try storing them under the home....I live in a modular also---my canna's spend the winter in the front bathroom, snuggled up in the tub with the shower curtin pulled. I'd be willing to bet that your water pipes have heat tape and wrapped to keep them from freezing. Living in a modular without a basement makes it interesting to store canna's over the winter. I dig about 10 percent more than I wish to keep yearly and normally have about what I want survive the winter. Just don't close them up tightly or they'll rot for sure--learned that the hard way myself.

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