Overwintering my Cannas that are in Pots???

theartist(z8 La)May 18, 2010

Hi all,

I have a few Cannas in Pots this year and they are doing beautifully!!! Some are Bengal Tiger, Black Knight, The President and a few others......my question is...I am in South Louisiana, zone 8 and I know my Cannas in the ground will overwinter just fine but these that I have in the large pots, will they be OK????? -OR- should I pull the rhizome -OR- move the pot in the garage or what??? Your thoughts and knowledge on this is greatly appreciated. My thanks, Angela

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I pull the rhizome's after our last frost kill's them. I've had great luck doing that, besides they need to be split. I'm amazed the amount of rhizome's that grow over the season.

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Everytime that I pull cannas out for the season I am amazed at there root system which takes up the entire pot. I dont think they would do well if you left them in there pots without repotting them and cutting the roots back so they have room to grow again. To be on the safe side its probably best that you either plant them in the ground, or take them in during the winter after the first hard frost has killed them down.

Good luck!

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I am in North Mississippi and the ones I left potted last year all rotted, so I would not advise leaving them in the pots.

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