Are Canna and elephant ears deer resistant.

ycmaheshMay 19, 2008

Hello Friends,

I have planted about 20 Canna Rhizomes(Black Knight) in front of my property along the driveway. And couple of elephant ears bulb as well. I wanted to know if these plants are deer resistant. I have some moth balls in the ground to keep squirrels and rabbits away. Shoots have just started coming out and I was wondering if I need to do something to protect these from deers. We dont get lot of deers around but I've see n couple of them at night times.

Thanks,Appreciate your feedback.

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I would have to say "yes" they are deer resistant. You most likely have nothing to worry about, although deer tend to have different tastes depending on where they live. I have a huge deer problem. They eat just about everything, including Japanese Yews and pines, hostas, but I did not have a problem with anything eating my canna last summer.

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I have deer and have never had a problem and I have lots of canna!

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