what happened to the stripes?

BedofCannas(7a)May 16, 2013

I have Cannas, Tropicanna and unknown named variety(red). I conquered leaf roll last year. (The first year I ever saw it). This year, the Tropicannas' are coming up and there are no stripes on the leaves. Any suggestions of what happened?
Photo is of last year, August, I believe.

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I cannot offer a reason for your cannas loss of stripes because the photo image does not allow me to have a close detailed view. We need to confirm which cultivar you grew because I am certain that you are not growing C. Tropicanna. You MAY be growing C. Tropicanna Gold which does have green variegated leaves; but the bloom color seems to be a bit wrong. You can do a search for both mentioned cultivars above to compare to what you are/were growing.
Just for the sake of clarification, do you have other photos from last year or can you attach a photo of what you have growing now. Did you replant this yearâÂÂs rhizomes from stock grown last year? How were they protected over the winter? What was the source of your cannas?
For the record; your tall red bloom/green leaf cultivar may be C. Robert Kemp.
Photo: Tropicanna Gold:

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Please excuse my mistake . You are right they are, "Tropicanna Gold". I bought (2) in a pot at Lowes. The other cannas I grow are "The President". At Least that's what the tags said when I bought them. (still have tags) I have to look through my DVDs. I do not keep the photos on my laptop, but I will look for them. I did replant this years growth from last years stock. I overwintered them in my cool basement in paper bags and misted them every so often. Never had a problem with them for several years until now. Will post when I find the up close photos.. Thank you!

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I found last summers photos.

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Here is the Tropicanna Gold at present.

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You definitely grew C. Tropicanna Gold and that is a great photo of the bloom. I rather thought you meant to say Tropicanna Gold but wanted to at least clarify the correct name for the benefit of any visitor to this post that might be misled. Also, there are occasions where a seller mislabels their plants or rhizomes and I wanted to be sure I was responding to a specific and unique form of canna.
For the benefit of any who are not aware, both Tropicanna and Tropicanna Gold are considered to be stable chimeras (periclinal chimera plants). This typically infers that these plants contain two or more genetically distinct types of cells due to a mutation located on the apical meristem. With the stable periclinal chimera these growing points tend to be fixed and not change. Canna cultivars such as Tropicanna, Tropicanna Gold, and Pink Sunburst etc. produce stable plants with variegated leaves.
I have seen a few of these stable chimeras loose variegation on rare occasions but never more than one or two out of a few hundred. This occurred very early in the season and usually by the second or third leaf the variegation became normal. The only other time leaf variegation was lost was because of viral infection and that was only intermittent on the leaf. At this time I doubt anyone can give you a definitive answer but I hope you would consider posting photos later of your cannas so we can see what has transpired.
Glad you found the label for your President and would also like to see a photo of them when available.

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Foreverlad(9b - Tampa Bay)

Man, I wish there was someone on this forum who actually knew what they were talking about. =P

Kent, you're awesome.

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Kent , thank you so much for your help. You obviously have an extensive knowledge of these gorgeous plants. That being said, when I signed up for this forum I never stated I was much more than an amateur at growing the Cannas mentioned. My ignorance of some ,never experienced, issues of this plant does not warrant a rude response from other members. I am here for answers and help.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Mike, LOL!

Bed, you missed the twinkle-in-the-eye. Mike was addressing his comment to Kent and, I assure you, Mike has never been rude to anyone. He is one of the nicest guys on the forum. We all wish you luck on your cannas and believe me, I think we are ALL learning from Kent. What a wealth of knowledge. Welcome to the forum! It is nice to have new posters! :)

Carol in Jax

This post was edited by love_the_yard on Mon, May 20, 13 at 17:52

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Foreverlad(9b - Tampa Bay)

Bed, apologies if my post was misinterpreted. Like Carol said, I was totally kidding, and pretty much in awe of the kind of information Kent has and regularly provides others.

I mostly lurk on this forum, but Kent has been throwing knowledge at posters for quite awhile, from what I've seen. I just wanted to toss him a well-deserved compliment, not criticize someone seeking answers.

I was bowing before a god, not mocking the flock, promise.

Carol, thanks for the defense =)

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Carol and Mike,
Being new here and not knowing anyone, Mike's comment took me by surprise. I took it the wrong way, for which I sincerely apologise to Mike. Thank you Carol for telling me about the twinkle, (lol) and the welcome! Much appreciated. I do love this site. I've learned a lot in a few days. All is good.

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Foreverlad(9b - Tampa Bay)

No apologies necessary Lin. We would all benefit from a Rosetta Stone to parse the intent of random internet messages lol.

Depending on where you ask your questions (on other sites), you could get stuck with a "u got the wrong name. research next time" answer to your question instead of the encyclopedic recitation Kent was providing. Seeing someone share so much is inspiring, and in my opinion, worthy of a joke (Kent doesn't know anything).

Gardenweb has had dozens of amazing contributers, and I try to share my gratitude where I can, even if it doesn't necessarily benefit me directly.

So, you know Carol and me now. No more "I don't know anyone" excuses! =)

Out of curiosity, how'd you go about handling your leafrollers? By hand, or chemically? Them rollers have been feasting in my garden this year.

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The good ole leaf rollers. I extracted them by use of a pair of hemostats (sp?) The surgical clamps. Or,as soon as I saw the moth I would net it if I could. So far so good this year. I did have a beetle eating on one leaf. I remember last year I moved praying mantis to my Cannas from my Arborvitaes. I can't use any chemicals, for anything. My black Lab is super sensitive to everything not natural. In addition we adopted a few feral cats. I don't want to make any of them sick.

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For all of the posters to this thread;

After being on a number of forums over a period of years I believe that the way each contributor handled and addressed a misunderstanding is commendable. Lin, Carol and Mike demonstrated intelligence and etiquette in clarifying a reply. Unfortunately this is not true for some forums but because of really good members such as you I choose to lurk here with the rest.
Mike, I appreciated the recognition but please donâÂÂt build that pedestal too far off the ground; the fall might hurt Humpty Dumpty! Then again, maybe you were implying my replies are windy!

Have a good day,

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Foreverlad(9b - Tampa Bay)

A modest god? That's a first.

Actually Kent, you bring up something interesting. You are a little long-winded (hey Kettle, it's me, Pot!) in your responses, but that makes what you do all the better.

You treat every poster like they're a botanist with a long term investment in the forums. You don't dumb things down, instead, you generally provide enough information (both scientific and practical) in a single response to kill a topic all together, as likely follow-up questions are wrapped up in your explanations.

I've seen novel-length posts that would take a normal person hours to write go completely unacknowledged. It's a crying shame when it happens. Most amazing bit though? Even when there's no appreciation shown, posters such as yourself continue sharing, explaining, and giving 100%.

For that, I'm grateful. Keep it up!

But anyway, yeah, Cannas...they're pretty.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

I love all you guys. What a great place! :)

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The Tropicanna Gold pictured earlier appears to me to have virus.

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Yes, I agree. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have bought the Tropicanna Gold at Home Depot. Thanks for your response.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

bedofcannas- did your striped cannas ever show up? Or is it still a mystery.....

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Hi Kato_b,
It wasn't that they disappeared. The Tropicanna Gold came back without their stripes ,as I called them. I attached a few photos that I took today. This year this is what they did.

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jonijumpup(z5, GR MI)

I am coming into this thread a little late. I gather the diagnosis was that there was a virus. What are the indicators that would suggest this? I have been growing and digging up the larger variety of canna for a long time and recently started trying to get Tropicanna Gold to play nice for me. I find the tubers are so small that they are difficult to get them to overwinter nicely.

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Oh boy I am sorry (jonijumpup) I had not been on here for a while. I never saw your post til now. Yes it was a virus. None survived the overwinter. And whatever the virus on the tropicannas is on the red president now. I threw all but 8 away and I will post a pic over the weekend sometime. I can't move the planting site. So what's the answer to this dilemma. start over again? Any help will be appreciated.

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I'm sorry you lost your plants ):

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