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greylady_gardenerJuly 18, 2008

good morning all! I have some questions that have been in my head for a while when I am in the garden, but never get them in here to ask to see if I can get some answers. Today is the day! :)

1. I have several plants, mainly annual poppies, but not all, that did not grow to their full potential this year. They were tiny in fact, but still put out a cute 'little' flower. My question is: Will the seeds produced by these tiny flowers make full sized plants next year or should I not bother to collect them?

2. I WS nicotiana 'only the lonely' this year and planted out in the back of my one gardens, thinking that they would reach their full height. Since planting them out, they have done nothing! Can I still expect anything to happen? Will they still have time to grow and send up a flower? Right now they are just a small, flat, rosette of leaves, like they were (okay maybe a 'bit' bigger) when they went in a month ago.

3. I recently noticed that my red bee balm has several 'double-decker flowers in the clump. About six or seven flowers have sent a second stem several inches (some as much as three or four inches) up from the middle of the flower and made a second flower on top. I know that I have seen a flower on a rare occassion do that by sending a short stem and partial second flower up maybe an inch above the first, but this is a lot of flowers and the stems are tall with fully formed flowers. Is this normal?

Okay enough questions for this post. :)



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Hi gg. I'm not an expert on poppies but I always let mine reseed themselves. As for collecting the small ones, I would suggest waiting til next year. Hopefully someone with more knowledge about poppies will answer.
Nicotiana is a flower I have never grown so can't help you there.
As for the bee balm, I have 'Violet Queen'. A few years ago it came up with a few double decker stems. Since then it has come up normally. I believe a lot of plants do this. Marg

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Thanks for replying Marg. I will probably leave the poppies to reseed in the same spot and see what happens.
I was looking forward to the nicotiana, but if it doesn't take off, I will just try again next year, and I like the look of the double decker bee balm and am glad that it is not because of some kind of disease or something.

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It's quite normal for the Bee Balms to do the double decker thing. Think of it as a bonus. :O) I find that the sunnier the position, the more it does this.

I have a tendency not to gather seeds from flowers I feel haven't done as well as expected, but that's my preference.

In terms of the Nicotiana, from what I understand, they like a rich soil and lots of sun. I tried them a couple of years ago, but my soil wasn't where they liked it in terms of 'rich', so they pouted all season. That may have been what happened with yours.

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I too have been disappointed with my annual poppies. These came small and I can tell you it's not worth it to collect seeds from these reduced sized plants. My mistake though, I had planted them too close to each other, didn't bother to reduce the number of seedlings and so most grew stunted.

I too had difficulties with Nictoiana only the lonely so I decided not to try them again unless I have the space for a large plant.

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